Activist, community and non-governmental organisations

This is a non-exhaustive list of organisations that support (and in many cases are led by) migrant domestic workers.

Kalayaan (UK) offers immigration and employment advice, and works on advocacy and policy change.

Voice of Domestic Workers (UK) is a support network and campaign group for migrant domestic workers.

Filipino Domestic Workers Association (UK) is an organisation composed of Filipino women working as domestic workers in the UK.

Anti-Racism Movement (Lebanon) is a grassroots movement created by young activists in Lebanon in collaboration with migrant community leaders, and runs three Migrant Community Centres.

KAFA (Enough) Violence and Exploitation (Lebanon) has been aiming to eliminate all forms of gender-based violence and exploitation since its establishment in 2005, and initiated a campaign targeting employers of domestic workers. KAFA also run a helpline at +961 03 018 019.

Insan Association (Lebanon) acts to protect and promote the rights of the most marginalised individuals, families and children living in Lebanon

Alliance of Migrant Domestic Workers (Lebanon) is a self-led group that aims to empower women who are MDWs in Lebanon in the quest for labor rights, and fight against discrimination.

International Federation of Domestic Workers is a membership-based global organization of domestic and household workers.


Special reports and key news articles

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