Home Makers

The soundwalks on this site will guide you through places that might be new or familiar. Each walk includes a map or instruction, and a soundtrack that you can listen to while you do the walk. Through your headphones, you’ll hear the voices of the migrant domestic and care workers who chose to take you to this place.


This collection of soundwalks aims to centralise collaborators’ own decision-making about what story to tell, and each soundwalk expresses just a fragment of a person’s experiences and perspectives. As listeners, it asks us to acknowledge the limits of our understanding, as well as our points of affinity, alliance or empathy. More soundwalks will be uploaded to the site throughout the project. Sign up to receive an email about new soundwalks on the Feedback page, and read more about how the soundwalks are made here.


Go for a walk with sounds made by migrant domestic and care workers

one day the kafala system will change

Retrace the Labour Day march from Sodeco Sq

we are not slaves

Listen in Hyde Park

COVID bayanihan

Listen in Tesco supermarket, Battersea

not nothing

Listen in Holland Park

kaya natin ito

Listen in Spinney's car park, Mar Mitr

les mères en détresse

Listen in Sanayeh Garden

tastes like home

Listen on an empty stomach