tastes like home

Listen on an empty stomach

Listen on an empty stomach


Sound by Lu

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Listen anywhere, on an empty stomach.


Sounds of a tap running and a sponge washing dishes.



Champorado is just normal rice, but you add chocolate drink in it, with milk. And then… you eat it!


Sounds of a kettle boiling and paper being unwrapped.



So the tablea is immersed in boiling water, until it softens.


Sound of metal spoon mixing tablea into hot water.



Smells so good!


Sound of gas hob clicking on, and spoon mixing rice and liquid in a saucepan. Sound of rice bubbling.



Here, try. I think this is done.


Sound of gas hob being switched off and spoon mixing hot rice.


Lu, with her mouth full:

I made champorado! Mmm. This is really like a childhood or an afternoon snack in the Philippines.



What does it taste like?


Lu, thinking:

Umm… home.


Sounds of eating fade out.